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radical , experienced, organic nanny for hire!

i am a mama to 14 month old baby hunter. i am looking for a full time family or 2 part time families to nanny for . i am experienced and have references! i can help you clean, cook, sew etc. .while taking care of your little one. we will trips to the zoo, community centers, parks and more using the max or walking or riding in a wagon! my daughter and i practice EC (elimination communication), baby signs, non-violent communication, positive discipline, running, jumping, playing, healthy eating, coloring and lot lots more. if you need a positive, educational and healthy nanny I'm for you!

*my rates are $9 or $150/wk depending on the hours. this includes food, trips etc.. .

ps-i live in the northeast at a wonderful place called the Mississippi co-op!


Hi there,
My husband and I are teachers here in Beaverton...we will be needing care for our 7-month old son Wed-Fri beginning in February. Would like to get more info. about you! Sounds like it might be a good fit!

Hello- I am a Mama of almost 2yr old Julian who loves to play with other kids, read, be outside, go on adventures, hikes, max rides, and to the zoo. We are in need of loving, like-minded child care for 2 mornings a week, like 9-12, but flexible on this. I am a full time at home mom and my husband works full time. Jules will be able to start at a Montessori school in March, but I have a full load of night and on-line classes from Jan till March and need some extra study/cleaning&cooking time. Would you be interested in this. Our 3 biggest concerns are healthy and positive attachment style parenting environment, healthy and when possible, organic and sustainable food, and Julian enjoying the situation.

i am very interested and in a sticky situation..i had childcare until about 1 week ago when she said she was unable to watch her. i have a 6 week old amazing daughter and am supposed to go back to work on jan 26th. you seem like the person i am looking for please email me at kristylynne78@gmail.com...thanks

Hello there,

I am a mama of a 2 yr old boy, and we live in the Mississippi neighborhood of North PDX. Your care/interest description sounds like a great match. Specifically, I'm looking for f/t care for my son the weeks of March 16-20th and March 23rd-27th. I have an opportunity to go to Peru w/ a girlfriend at that time! We are a progressive, organic-eating, Earth-lovin' family and we'd love to find a care for our son during this time. Beyond March, we may have other care needs too that arise... I'd love to hear back from you!


Hi again, I meant to leave you my e-mail address in the previous posting! : ) It's jeanninebrown333@gmail.com

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