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Maker Camp 2014 at Rowanberry School

July 09, 2014

The summer program at Rowanberry School was designed to provide an unhurried, child-centered alternative to traditional children's summer camps. The daily rhythm will include circle games and songs, time for inventing, messing about, lemonade making, and play in the garden and treehouse. A wholesome organic snack will be served daily. Children will have the opportunity to share their work with family and friends at the end of camp.


We are proud to say that this is our 9th year of camp!  Our summer camps have become a tradition for many Portland families. Rowanberry is a rich and intentional environment that stimulates children's creativity, and for many children is a "home away from home".

Why “Maker Camp”? Because we have found that the work we are doing in camp can no longer be classified as strictly art. It does include traditional arts and crafts, but also has a strong design element. Rowanberry School’s Maker Camp is a place where children will be supported in expressing their creativity in all its whimsical and surprising forms.

Week #1: July 7th-July 11th * Summer Story Workshop

Story Studio is a convention that we have developed over time in which children dream up, work

out, illustrate, perform, discuss, and revise their stories with their community of writers. At our Summer Story Workshop we will delve into the experience of story crafting. Where can stories be found? What tools do we have to nurture a story that is living inside us? How can we share our stories with others?

Week #2: July 14th-July 18th * Playing With Stop Motion Animation

Bring your stories to life with this simple technique that offers endless opportunities for creativity. We will work collaboratively to create our own short stop motion film (or films!) to be shared with family & friends at the end of the week.

Week #3: July 21st-July 25th * Open Studio

Open Studio will provide the children with an opportunity to continue work on a project from the first two weeks, or simply enjoy exploring paint, clay, wire, and our other studio offerings at leisure.


Maker camp is Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and is best suited for children ages 3-9. The cost for camp is $225 for one week or $200 for 2 or more weeks. (Camp is also $200 if more than one child is enrolled.)

For more information, please contact Angela Molloy Murphy at rowanberryschool@mac.com

Kids Community Summer Camp 2014

March 26, 2014

Kids Community Learning Center (KCLC) offers a 10 week summer program for kids in grades K-8.  Our program is conveniently located in NW Portland adjacent to Couch Park.  Our themed weekly sessions provide kids with a wide variety of learning opporunities through hands on activities and field trips led by our creative and compassionate team of teachers.  

Check out our Summer Camp Guide for a complete list of our themes, activities and field trips.  You can enroll your child by completing our simple Online Registration Form.

If you'd like more information or would like to schedule a tour, please feel free to contact us. 

phone:  503.916.6367

email:  info.kclc@gmail.com

web:  http://kidscommunitypdx.org/