Adding a New Camp? Great!

We are thrilled to share information about your camp with urbanMamas.  We ask that you provide the following information so that readers can easily identify camps that might work for their family:

  1. Go to Typepad and login as "", with "pdxmamas" as your password. Please DO NOT change the user info otherwise it will lock all users out of the system.
  2. Select the appropriate forum: uM Camps.
  3. Name of your camp.
  4. A link to the camp's web site.
  5. Brief description of the camp.
  6. General age group served: pre-school, elementary, middle-school, high-school.
  7. Location, including city and link to Google Map  or MapQuest.
  8. Full or partial day/camp hours.
  9. And finally, before you hit spellcheck and click 'post,' choose the category that best that best fits the camp.   Some examples are: nature, music, theater, and sports. This way, readers can sort the info by the type of camp they are researching.

Thanks!  We hope that you'll reach families who might enjoy your camp, and benefit from any discussion about it, as well.  Have suggestions for us?  Feel free to e-mail us @ urbanmamas [at] gmail [dot]com.  We love feedback.