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This is an interesting subject. On other sites discussing this appointment, I've read comments like:

"The naming of Carmen Chacon as Spain’s Minister of Defense has nothing to do with her qualifications, and everything to do with Socialist President Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero’s obsession with quotas. Besides being a woman, Carmen Chacon is from Catalonia, the autonomous community that was the key to President Zapatero’s recent reelection. In an informal poll by La Vanguardia, Catalonia’s leading newspaper, 61 percent of respondents said that Ms. Chacon would not make a good Minister of Defense. President Zapatero has done a disservice to women by choosing a candidate who is unqualified to lead Spain’s armed forces."

There seems to be some strong feeling out there that Ms. Chacon is terribly under-qualified for this position, and that she's doomed to fail, which would actually do a disservice to pregnant women everywhere if her failure is pinned on her motherhood.

Tawlk amongst yourselves!


Excellent points if she is indeed unqualified. I sure don't enough about Spanish politics to know that, but the story above relies on people's opinions (an 'informal poll'), which could be motivated by gender bias. Of course, here in the US there are plenty of sub Cabinet level appointments (and likely Cabinet level, as well) of completely under-qualified people - male and female alike. Not that it's a *good* thing. Just not uncommon. They are appointments, after all.

It will be interesting to follow her time in office along these lines. Thanks for broadening this conversation!

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