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Amy P

Thanks you for posting this comment. I'm right there with you, Sista. I think the thing that makes me the angriest about the whole thing is how I made to feel like a paranoid freaky granola girl for even being concerned. I'm planning our DD birthday party right now & my family thinks I'm ridiculous for insisting that we don't use plastic cups. They keep saying, "but they're recycleable!" like I'm only allowed to insist that we worry about waste, not anything else. Like, if there was a cigarette that was biodegradable with a chlorine free filter we could all take up smoking. Like it's my fault that all of these things have been permitted to be marketed to us as acceptable, & who are we to question. I DO feel like Joanna in the original Stepford Wives, here in S FL.

The article on npr that got me the most upset was the one where they were talking about the lab studies at Cornell where they couldn't figure out where the estrogenic chemicals were coming from only to find it was the test tubes, compliments of Dow. Of course the test tubes are a "secret" recipe that would sacrfice national security & all free trade if the ingredients were divulged. This makes me wonder if all that wonderful pyrex we've bought to try to replace the tupperware is also somehow "bad" & we can't know.

This may sound hokey, but I've resorted to just praying about it. Sigh.

rockstar mama

I feel like there are other efforts/organizations out there worth noting too - w/ luck I'll be back later to report back on those additional resources. Love the righteous rage, though (east coaster to east coaster). Sometimes it's what get things done. Don't apologize for it!


NPR had a recent piece on BPA and cancer (not surprising!):

Also, if your mad and you want to join the petition to manufacturers, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice has done the leg for you and it's easy as filling out the form. Here's the link:

Just the thing for this timid Activista.


Damn! I love it when Lisa gets angry! Way to go!


I'm angry too, but a bit at myself since the Oregon Env Council has been warning about baby bottle since my 2 year old was born, but I pretty much ignored it. We didn't throw out our Nalgenes because I don't really feel good about having these chemicals leeching into the ground but as of now there is no place to recycle them.

Here's a VERY alarming one that most people are a little concerned with but we all should be MUCH more concerned with and it is PVC. According to some architects I know, people who dispose of PVC and make PVC are dropping like flies from cancer. Why would we be putting this stuff in SOOO many products (like lunch boxes, which has been discussed on the boards before).

Here's the point, our government, companies and consumers need to demand the precautionary principle be used especially when it comes to products we are exposed to every day.


One more thing...I'm half convinced that it's a conspiracy because news came about about 3 years ago that you shouldn't put hot liquids in nalgenes and that they contained this chemical, yet the government report didn't come out until Nalgene (and others) had come up with an alternative hard plastic without BPA.

rockstar mama

So OSPIRG used to cover these issues too, but it now appears that OCEH & OEC are kinda it locally (many many thanks to them).

Lisa, thanks for getting this out. Too bad OSPIRG quit advocating in this particular area - the more the merrier, I would think.


It seems like ever since I gave birth for the first time the world has become a dangerous place. I never used to care and all of the sudden everything is toxic and/or dangerous.

I especially find that number 1 (feeding infant breast milk...warmed potentially toxic bottles) makes me feel so angry and sad. My first child was exposed to this on a weekday-daily basis while I worked. I have since switched to glass for my second child, but the guilt, despite the fact that I had no idea, looms.

They should voluntarily pull the bottles and other products. I am not at all impressed by their generosity. They have an ethical obligation, as far as I am concerned.

At least test all products containing new materials before putting them on the market. Especially products used for young people with tiny, new, not-quite-up-to-speed-yet livers.


Wow. Great info here. Great inspiration to learn more and to push more for more change on the policy level. Thanks for this piece!


EWG has an excellent timeline for BPA:


Oh right! You can always sue, like this CA Mom: Wowee.


I am completely guilty of conveniently ignoring my gut and news reports regarding plastic... Anyway, at, they have a great list of BPA free plates, cups, bowls etc. The link is

Amy P

I caught another show on PBS last night (I'm in FL, not PDX) about fish pop., ocean in general hosted by Ed Norton where they were showing this dead zone off the western coast, between the mainland & HI, & it's got more parts of plastic per billion than plankton!!!

Is it only me that feels the need to get all plastic, even the "safe" numbers, out of our lives?

& yes, I too worked hard to pump when our DD was wee little only to have it put into evil Avent bottles. I distinctly remember tasting it once to see if it was hot & thinkning it didn't taste right, but I put it off to the resentment of having to have her in daycare.

Amy P

& as far as the conspiracy feeling... after reading about the article about how the Dow test tubes were causing estrogenic reactions, I couldn't help but wonder how many labs utilized these same test tubes. How many lab tests were compromised?

& to answer the original question, yes, I am also mad, angry & depressed. But feeling like I can do something about this helps me not feel so overwhelmed, so thanks for the links!


What about the baby foods in #7 plastic? I guess I can buy all organic in jars but what about people on a limited budget like welfare? Almost all Gerber veggies and fruits in my local stores are sold in plastic. I mean baby food containers are just as dangerous as baby bottles. Why not demand change there also?

Sadie Rose

I could be wrong, but I think California (ever the leader in US chemical regs) has banned BPA (bisphenol-A) in baby products. So, at least we have that for starters...other states usually follow (albeit slowly) the California model for this kind of stuff, though even CA drags behind the EU.

I think it's depressing for sure. and let's not underestimate our power as consumers. if the demand for glass increases, it will be noted by the corporate powers that be. in fact - this is why the BPA issue has been so quiet for so long. you better believe that chemical monstrosities like DuPont et al have been spending a pretty penny trying to DISPROVE any risks that might exist.

My other concerns are PVC, as we always discuss, and PBEs/PBDEs which are found in almost every piece of furniture ever built. they are found en masse in every ounce of breast milk worldwide, and there is no way to get them out of our bodies. in fact, they are concentrated MORE in our fat cells, so our babies get a particularly concentrated dose when they nurse. it really sucks. and it's scary.

don't even get me started on the oceans. it makes me too sad. i don't eat any seafood anymore - it scares me too much.


For those of us who have daycares that won't take glass bottles (cited as a safety hazard), Medela products are made with BPA-free plastic.

Unless polypropylene is linked to anything dangerous? Still plastic, but maybe a little bit safer for pumping and feeding...


The Gov't should "somehow" fund a clean up in the "dead zone" using those horrible drift nets for something good. Maybe shut down ALL of the Water Companies and have them drift the oceans to get the plastics out.
The next problem would be to figure out how to burn the plastics with some sort of filtering system. You can't just bury it.


Gerber plastic containers are BPA-free. Wouldn't put them in the microwave though!:

"Gerber baby food in the #7 plastics are BPA Free. & plastics are layered or combination resins. In their case the plastic is made of #1 and #2 plastic combined."


Babies R Us is going BPA-free by the end of this year!

Sorry, don't know how to make those links nicer!


Many thanks to those of you who have referenced the Oregon Center for Environmental Health's efforts. The Center believes that the piecemeal approach of addressing toxics chemical by chemical is not working. We are taking an active role in advocating for a comprehensive approach to toxics. With our partners Oregon Environmental Council, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Oregon Toxics Alliance we have developed a Call for Safer Chemicals -an outline of common-sense chemical policies to ensure that only the safest chemicals are used in Oregon. Visit to learn more.

We are also working to support national chemical policy campaigns and urge you to sign the petition for toxic-free baby bottles. The petition will be delivered to manufacturers soon and we are making a final push to add as many names as we can in the next few weeks.

Finally (for now!), the Center opened the EcoSafe Home Store as resource for people who want to consider the health and environmental effects of the products they buy but, lack the time to research high-quality non-toxic options. Before recommending a product, the Center examines the range of options available and the information concerning known toxic chemicals associated with each product. With each product we carry, we strive for full disclosure of our findings to assist the consumer in making an informed decision.

Some of our current products include glass baby bottles, stainless steel water bottles and sippy cups, and personal care products for baby. The products are currently available in our office at 4819 NE Fremont (call 503-233-1510 or email for store hours) and will be available for purchase on our new website in the coming weeks.

As someone who has been working on these issues for almost a decade, it is truly inspiring to come across this blog. It is a nice reminder that people do care about these issues and can create change.


even the water pipes that supply our bath water, wash water, and drinking water are made from pvc and/or other toxins.

we're already going with gray water in the garden to reduce water usage, but who the hell knows what's in that.

now, the bath i planned to take to escape from the stress of this topic sounds horrifying. oh !@#$%.

Andrea P

Here's a list I found very helpful for non-BPA sippy cup options.

They have complete list with all good/bad brands:

And, while we're on the subject, they also have a list of bottles:

And teethers:

My kids love the Thermos Foogo because it has a straw, but I had to order it from Amazon...I think. They also sell a "Funtainer" at Target (in the camping the Nalgene's) that is the same concept, but many have characters on them. I will say, that if you order any of these directly from Thermos, go ahead and ask for replacement straws for the cups too. My son chewed through his first one pretty quickly (but has since outgrown that...I hope).

We also use the Kleen Kanteen and SIGG bottles. The only problem with the SIGG for me is that the container is still aluminum. That makes it light weight, but it has to be coated with some proprietary inner coating, and they don't release info about what's in it. That's the stuff actually touching the water. It's Swiss made, and Europeans tend to be better on these regulatory things, but still...odd. The kids love them though - they have lots of kid-friendly designs.

This is more on the informational/outrage inspiring side. But valuable none the less.

Hawi Moore

Thanks for sharing this

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