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rockstar mama

If you were already on Obama's mailing list (ie had you made a donation to the campaign) I believe you woulda gotten an invite online, or at least an email containing a link so that you could sign up online for a ticket. Someone forwarded the link to me. Looking forward to it...


Thanks! I did get that e-mail but by the time I opened it (after work, dinner, bedtime!) they were all spoken for! The whole can't access gmail from work thing stymied me again! And Rockstar Mama, if you have the time and inclination, wil lyou report back in the comments section about how it was? Then I can live vicariously (as I do with so many things these days...).


Hope to see you there!

got tickets-can't go

I also got very excited about Obama in Pdx...I rushed to get my e-ticket and got it. Son is feeling a little under the weather and I am staying with him. Please email me before 9:00am so I can foward you my ticket.
we don't want an empty seat there!


got tickets can't go: SO happy to use it if it's still available! Pls e-mail and it'll get used. And how!

sarah gilbert

so, did you go Lisa? Jonathan went with the ticket I managed to snag for him (everyone buzzing about it on Twitter so I went and signed up presto :) and is raving about how great it was.


I was there! Was not on Obama's mailing list, but read about it in the Oregonian and managed to score a ticket online that morning. I am not a political rally-attender-type, but--as I expected--Obama converted me. His speech was smart, eloquent, substantive, and very very inspiring. I know there are those who say he is mostly rhetoric, but as an English teacher, I for one believe that rhetoric matters. The present White House occupant's lack of inspirational ability I think is a huge part of the disaffectedness of the American populace today.

Anyway, you didn't ask for my analysis, but my report! Bill Richardson introduced Obama and endorsed him. Obama spoke about his own experiences in grass-roots organizing, about his plans for health care, foreign policy, education, and the environment. The crowd was electrified, with lots of exuberant people around me. The crowd also seemed really refreshingly diverse, racially, age-wise, etc. At the end of his speech he briefly addressed the flap over his pastor, and I thought handled it well...he said let's not let this become another thing to divide us in this age of divisive politics. What a great speaker.

That said, I for one--as someone who teaches race studies and has thought about all this stuff a lot--fear that the Rev. Wright issue could well bode the end of Obama's ascent. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm bracing myself.

So--hope I didn't editorialize too much...would be glad to hear others' perceptions of the speech.


Thanks for your candid and "smart" review of the experience, MollyH. I wish I could have been there since I am not quite up to speed on Obama but would love to learn more. I would agree that I would hate for it to come down to race. I definitely agree that we need to have an inspired governing body that will inspire it's people to help move this country forward.

rae ann

ugh. i'm so bummed i missed this. we wanted to go badly and we were even going to schlep the kiddos with us. why oh why didn't they use a bigger venue.......

please more

All of you who went please share...I am so so so upset that I could not attend...


I saw Barack at the Convention Center last September, so I wasn't *quite* devastated about having to miss the event this morning... until I found out about the Richardson endorsement. Aargh!!! (This endorsement was especially dear to me, as a one-time New Mexican.) But we did gather into a nice little huddle at my office, applauding the live stream on the computer monitor. :-)


I too was so disappointed to not have a ticket- but I decided that just being near the venue would be inspirational (and my son would get to ride on the train which makes him so happy) so we headed down to the coliseum this morning. I asked the guard at the door if he thought there would be any extra tickets released, and he said "go ahead in." Although our seats were high up in the rafters, I felt lucky to be there- and i got to share the experience with another Activista and her babe who scored a ticket via this blog!

I thought both Barack and Bill (full disclosure- I supported Bill in the beginning) both gave terrific, inspiring and positive speeches about Obama's ability to reunite America and restore our positive standing in the world. Highlights for me included his plans for: immediately ending the war in Iraq, once again acknowledging the existence of science, preserving the environment for future generations, focusing on alternative energies, improving early childhood education, raising teacher pay, and ending the practice of having to teach to the test and thereby freeing up time for art, music, PE and other subjects that are currently getting pushed by the wayside (is my profession obvious?). I left feeling so energized and hopeful- sort of how I imagine people feeling about Bobby Kennedy in '68 from what i've read and seen in the movies.

Both the endorsement speech by Gov. RIchardson and Sen. Obama's speech are online on his website (and You Tube, i'm sure):

and if you haven't had a chance to watch the speech on race he gave on Tuesday in Philadelphia, I highly recommend you spend the 37 minutes that it takes to watch it:

but if you are really busy- like all of us mama's are- and prefer a shorter version, here's just a highlight:

Most importantly- please register and vote on May 20 and in Nov!


First, let me say thank you to the very nice person who passed on her ticket to me in the final hour! I went and loved it - all your doing! Thing is; the place wasn't 100% full and no-one asked to see my ticket. Broke my heart to think of all the people who didn't go b/c they didn't have tickets and they could've gotten in!

Why I went: I have the fever, I am an ObamaMama.

How was it? Richardson (possible running mate?) was good but a little lengthy and political (covering his bases with the clintons)

The crowd: As someone else noted, delightfully diverse - it is nice to see that so many of us different folks want to the same things. Chanting "si se puede" (yes we can) just feels a little tingly and unifying to me.

Obama: Not the over-the-top orator I expected (somehow I was prepared to have my socks knocked off), which was good. He's more than that. Good speaker, absolutely, inspiring as needed? For sure. but he said all the right stuff - i know, they all can - but i get the feeling he means it (am i losing it? just want to hear it that much?). he suggested college $ in exchange for community service (yeah!). he touched on all the issues I wanted touched on, said all the things I shout when I read the newspaper. love that, generally speaking. but what stands out about him to me is (get ready for personal opinion, not blow by blow of friday's event):

1. As he showed in the recent race speech/situation (which Richardson discussed at serious length in his introductory remarks) he talks directly and (I think) honestly about tough issues, instead of hiding/denying/leaving it unsaid, and asks us to be our best, to step up to the plate and make the change ourselves. And he seems prepared to lead on these issues - not hide and be political. i keep thinking about kennedy's 'ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" speech. power to - and in - the people!

2. His process is inclusive, grassroots, etc... which is so different than hillary (IMHO) who is a policy wonk who knows best and then tries to convince us and everyone else that it's best. i don't think she'll get things done b/c of her methods, even if I agree with her policies. As he said friday (my favorite line), when hillary and mccain said to him you can't invite your opponents to the table (not an exact quote), he said to them: watch me. how i love that. i plan to!

3. I think he understands the rest of us far more than the others. what it's like to live a day in the life, even a life with 2 jobs and no health insurance.

4. I think he's the one to re-earn
the world's respect for us. hillary? won't the world say what we do? more clintons? the past not the future? mccain? another aging white dude? c'mon.

hope that wasn't too "pro Obama" for anyone. Just my sense of it all after going and moving 'on beyond hillary.' maybe he'll come back before 5/20?????


I took my 10 & 12 year old sons. They completely "got" the message. I was teary eyed when he spoke about health insurance needs, education gaps and the creating a powerful future for this nation. Absolutely wonderful.

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