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Just a note on opportunities to meet the candidates:

The Concordia Neighborhood Association is holding a Candidate Forum for Portland Commissioner Position 1 and Position 2 on April 1 at 6:30 pm in the Gym at McMenamin's Kennedy School.

If you have any burning policy questions bring them to ask the candidates. Also, I am one of the planners of the event and will be moderating the discussion so feel free to email your questions to me as well:

milagros (at) milagrosboutique (dot) com




I don't always think of the City of Portland as being that involved in child or family issues, but one other thing they do is administer the Childrens Investment Fund, $10 million dollars (paid for by Portland residents under Measure 26-33)targeted to programs to early childhood development and child abuse/neglect prevention. I got their annual report in the mail this weekend, interesting reading.


Okay, please forgive my political ignorance...what exactly is a city councilor and what do city councilors do?

So cool that he invited PDX families to the table!

(BTW, it says 1/28 above...I'm guessing 2/28?)


Jillian: Good question! There's a good overview of what they do on the city website - we're diff than many cities b/c our electeds actually oversee bureaus as well as promote and vote on policies. The mayor (not a strong mayor system, here, though they tried recently, to change that)decides which bureaus the four commissioners get, and there are a few big boys that the mayor usually gets (PDC, police) and Hope that helps.


One idea: put some healthy food in the vending machines at the local community centers, or just get rid of them! The food is so unhealthy - nothing like some junk food after your swim lesson! So much $ spent fighting obesity, etc.. then nothin' but junk for kids to snack on. Here's a positive switch that doesn't have to cost anything! How refreshing - we can't use $ as an excuse for inaction. Anyone else notice this?


Another idea or two:

1. What are we going to do to make it easier for kids to walk & bike safely to school?

2. What can the city do to promote more child care facilities in the downtown core for parents who work downtown and would like their children to be nearby. City of Seattle has a commercial density bonus for child care - Pdx?


Sorry for the late RSVP -- I will be there. I want to talk about childcare (affordable and quality) for all of us working parents (it's on the brain of late) and incentives/programs/infrastructure for alternative transport & safe streets for families/kids.

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